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MemoClip Pro 1.55

MemoClip Pro 1.5 captures everything that you store in your clipboard.

MemoClip Pro 1.5 is an enhancement program that mechanically captures everything that you cut or copy in your clipboard. When your information is preserved in MemoClip, then you are able to view, edit, format, clean, export, and merge items. It's great for keeping crucial bits of information in a tree structure. Any item can be located in the Clipboard and pasted right away into an application with just a couple of computer mouse clicks, keystrokes or a user-defined hotkey.

You will be able to stock a limitless number of items in collections that are categorized in a tree structure. Separate rules govern each collection on how long the information must be kept, so that you are able to use a "Short-Term" collection to keep track of your Clipboard for the history of past days. The program is likewise a timesaver for completing forms, jotting ideas, telephone numbers, names and addresses, or any other information that you may have in this batch of yellow stickies. You might also want to create "Long-Term" collections to keep your bookmarkers, missive endings, recipes, plan annotations, snippets of hypertext markup language code, or any other info.

MemoClip also admits autoreplace, no matter what application you are working with. Introduce commonly used text just by typing a short abbreviation (text shortcut) or nickname. For instance, you can abridge the name of your organization to “cn” and make it expand to “Company Name Inc." just by pressing the Space Bar. Or you may insert special symbols like © merely typing (c). Introduce signatures in e-mail messages.

Everyone who works with a great deal of text can profit from MemoClip.

If you surf a lot, just copy a link or a piece of text from a web page and MemoClip will mechanically store it until you require it. When you press Ctrl+Ins twice, a selection to the present collection will be stored. Append mode allows you to make a summary of a web page and save it to a collection or file on a drive.

If you work with a text editor o a spreadsheet, MemoClip will help you copy various blocks of text from one place to a different place without being forced to scroll to and fro many times. There's an unlimited number of items that can be stored and called back, so you will be able to copy and paste a great deal of data into your preferred spreadsheet.

If you are a programmer, tester or support technician, this utility program is for you. MemoClip is highly useful when you do support work via electronic mail and have to respond the same enquiries again and again. It will save you precious time when typing the same blocks of text in your writings.

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